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The below project deliverables and reports provide an overview of project activities and results obtained so far.


AGRICAB_D21.1_DataFlowOperations.pdfOperations, list of datasets and data flow
Report on the routine distribution of EO datasets and sustainability thereof
06/01/2016763 KB
AGRICAB_D22.2_User_Support_line_activity_report_v1.0.pdfUser Support Line Activities
Report on user support activities, including answering to user questions via the helpdesk, related updated to software and tutorials or addressing users via email campaigns or surveys.
27/05/2015705 KB
AGRICAB_Availability_weather_data_for_crop_modelling_v1.0.pdfAvailability of weather data for crop modelling
Assessment of weather data sources available through GEONETCast and ISOD (online access) toolbox extensions of ILWIS, for application in semi-operational crop growth models
27/05/2015804 KB
AGRICAB_D41.2_GEOWorkshops_on_CapacityBuilding_in_Africa_v1.3.pdfGEO Workshops on Capacity Building in Africa
Summary report on the two GEO Workshops that AGRICAB partners (co-)organized at the IMAAFS and AARSE conferences, respectively in Ethiopia and South Africa, in October 2014.
13/05/2015884 KB
AGRICAB_D43.2_Impact_Report_V1.0.pdfImpact assessment and awareness raising report
Summary of the project's impace on individual, infrastructure and institutional capacities, as well as awareness that was raised.
08/05/20151630 KB
AGRICAB_D41.1_PolicyBriefs_Posters_Videos_1.1.pdfPolicy briefings and outreach materials
Briefly describes the awareness raising to policy as well as the outreach materials (brochures, posters, videos) developed.
07/05/20151204 KB
D31.3_AgriculturalStatisticsTechnicalReport_v2.0.pdfAgricultural Statistics - Technical Report
UPDATED (v2) - Use case report on the agricultural statistics work carried out by Consorzio ITA and the African partners in Senegal (CSE), Kenya (DRSRS) and Mozambique (INAM and UEM)
29/04/20155763 KB
AGRICAB_D34.2_Training_materials.zipTraining Materials
Overview of the available training materials and their dissemination.
23/04/20151641 KB
AGRICAB_D3.2_StateOfArtProgressSummary.pdfState-of-the-Art progress summary report
This report tries to summarize what is really new and innovative in AGRICAB's work, with emphasis on the development of the national thematic applications (use cases).
22/04/2015770 KB
AGRICAB_TrainingChannel_v2.0.pdfUse of EUMETCast Training Channel
Concept note on the use of the Training Channel to distribute training material via the EUMETCast satellite broadcast.
01/04/2015475 KB
AGRICAB_D31.2_EarlyWarningCropMappingTechnicalReport_v1.0.pdfEarly Warning and Agricultural Mapping - Technical Report
Use case report on the early warning and crop mapping work carried out by VITO and the African partners in Senegal (CSE), Kenya (DRSRS) and Mozambique (INAM and UEM)
13/03/201512718 KB
AGRICAB_D31.4_IrrigationAgricultureTechnicalReport_v1.0.pdfIrrigation Agriculture - Technical Report
Use case report on the irrigated agriculture work carried out by OSS regional centre, covering parts of Tunisia, Libya and Algeria
18/02/20155068 KB
AGRICAB_D32.1_LivestockTechnicalReport_v1.pdfLivestock - Technical Report
Use case report on the livestock R&D work carried out by ILRI and ULg, with support from Colorado State University and a few supported PhDs in Senegal (CSE), Niger (AGRHYMET) and Kenya (ILRI)
16/02/20154388 KB
AGRICAB_D31_1_CropModelingYieldForecastingTechnicalReport_v1_3.pdfCrop Modeling and Yield Forecasting - Technical report
Use case report on the crop modeling and yield forecasting work carried out by Alterra and the African partners in Senegal (CSE), Kenya (DRSRS) and Mozambique (INAM and UEM)
13/02/20158159 KB
AGRICAB_D33.1_ForestTechnicalReport_mathieu_Final.pdfForest Systems - Technical report
Use case report on the forest and fire work carried out by CSIR in South Africa, using a combination of SAR, LiDAR and optical remote sensing techniques.
27/10/20142495 KB
AGRICAB_D42 1_OperationalSDI_v1.1.pdfReport on web service (SDI) developments
Report describing the Spatial Data Infrastructure developments, in particular the evaluation and tailoring of web services to African EO users' needs
24/10/20141940 KB
AGRICAB_OverviewCollaboration_v1.0.pdfAGRICAB as an international collaborative effort
Extract from the mid-term periodic activity report that describes how AGRICAB is interacting with other international initiatives and programmes in practice.
18/10/2013419 KB
AGRICAB_PeriodicReport_RP1_PublishableSummary_v2.1.pdfPublishable summary of first periodic report
Summary of the periodic activities report covering the first 20 months of the project, thus almost halfway through the project lifetime.
05/09/2013782 KB
AGRICAB_D3.1.pdfUse case and Capacity building requirements
Overview document of user needs and capacity
building requirements, resulting from first round of stakeholder workshops and field survey missions
03/04/20138941 KB
AGRICAB_WP22_D22.1_NewToolboxComponents.pdfOverview of updated/new software toolbox components
This document explains which software components were newly developed or updated and subsequently tested in the  data access (GEONETCast) and image processing training workshops, and provides links to access them.
28/03/2013445 KB
AGRICAB_WP22_Tools.pdfInitial inventory of free and open software tools
Initial overview of free and open software tools that were used in the two data access (GEONETCast) and image processing training workshops, as well as an outlook on further software tool integration work.
28/03/20134135 KB
AGRICAB_D34.1_Training_impact.zipTraining impact assessment report
Report on the results of the training workshops conducted in Q4 2011 and throughout 2012, as well as links to other project activities and expected further work.
01/02/20139308 KB